A great wardrobe doesn’t have to come at the Earth’s expense.

“Root Swim is committed to transparency and environmental sustainability because I believe that we should be accountable for more than just profits. Living in the Great Lakes State, we are surrounded by a bountiful amount of freshwater. We have the ability to make ethical choices regarding our production practices to ensure that our outdoor surroundings remain clean and in tact for years and years to come.”

Kate Whalen, Owner and CEO of Root Swim


Made in Michigan

Root Swim can distinguish itself in many ways, but our big one is that every piece we make is 100% locally produced here in Michigan at the RS studio. We don’t use factories in China, or even in New York or Los Angeles. It’s all cut and sewn in the same place we come up with ideas, create sketches, and bring the pieces to life. Keeping everything in the same place drastically minimizes the harmful effects that come from factory production, such as fabric & water pollution, runoff, chemical contamination from textile processing, and CO2 emissions.


Online shopping creates a significantly smaller impact on the environment than traditional in-store retailing does. Not only do you not have to get in the car and pollute CO2 into the atmosphere, but you can save the trees by getting your billing and receipt through a digital copy, instead of it being printed. Minimizing the need for a physical storefront and keeping all of the small supply chain in one place significantly reduces the impacts on the environment.

No Hangers

Garment hangers contribute to the global waste stream, so we like to avoid them. 85% of garment hangers end up in landfills, and we are not interested in contributing to that number. On top of this, hangers tend to be comprised of various different types of material that make it challenging to separate for recycling purposes. We like to fold everything up nice and pretty for you instead to avoid all of that.

Reusable Bags & Packaging

Each Root Swim order is placed in a custom made reusable canvas drawstring tote. We do not use garment bags or single use plastic to ship Root Swim products in. To ship, we place the reusable bag into a sleek black matte mailer to distinguish your exciting package from the other mail. While this black bubble mailer might be a stylish option, we are actively seeking a more sustainable packaging solution. If you have an idea, let’s chat!

Sustainable Purchasing

We have been using the sample fabric supplier for two years now. Part of our transparency commitment means being honest and open about the fact that we source our fabric from overseas. Our reasoning behind sourcing overseas stems from a few reasons, but the two main ones being the wonderful quality and durability of fabric and the quality of the relationship we have maintained with our supplier since working with them. By 2022, our goal is to make some changes to be able to source everything completely from the United States.

Transparency FAQ’s

Q: Who makes the Root Swim pieces?

A: Owner and Designer, Kate Whalen, ideates, sketches, designs, cuts, and sews the pieces.

Q: Where is the Root Swim studio located?

A: Beverly Hills, Michigan.

Q: Do you ever edit the appearance of people or models on the website or social media?

A: Never have, never will! We do not photoshop or alter any of our models in any of our content. Real is beautiful!

Have any more questions on how things run here at the Root Swim studio? Shoot us an email at info@rootswim.com.